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“How we do it for you matters more than what we make for ourselves.”--Michael Zeng, founder of Go Fast Promo.

Hello guys, 

I bet you are looking for some items for promotion or gifts when you find us. Whatever you are looking for, we are an one-stop merchandises supplier who can help you get what you want. We supplied items including T shirts, cap,s lanyards, Bag, flags, and other novelties for Olympics, president election, pro football league etc. Come to us, you can get the answer in 11 hours and 59 minutes. 

If you got time, you can read below of our understanding about promo. If don't, just send us your inquiry to save your time.

When it comes to promo, What will occur to your mind? Cheap? Marketing? Branding? For us, its go fast. Founded in 2016, we aim at providing promo merchandises including but not limited to T shirts, Caps, Bags and other company gifts etc for company, organization, group, campaign and college etc. We deeply understand what time means for a company, a party, an event. High efficiency will bring customer, profit, and reputation. Its very simple and easy for you to do business with us. You imagine, we create, you sell. With professional assistance, you can get what you want here in one stop. We treat each other, and the earth, with respect. You can feel comfortable in your decision to partner with us.



Contact: Michael Zeng

Phone: +86 187 5787 8010

E-mail: Michael@gofastpromo.com


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