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Why client says we are great? A case review.


How long will it take for 4500pcs clapper production? The answer is 2 days!

At 8:00pm on Thursday, we got an inquiry for 4500 clappers customized for 2022 World Cup. And it had to be finished in 3 days and transitted in 1 day. Although we off duty at that time already, but still trying to reply client a solution. At 8:30pm, we quoted client with full details. Most importantly, we can finish in 3 days.

After order confirmed and design provided, we started production. Then it came with the problem. After we submitted preproduction sample for approval. Customer found their designer made a mistake on it and we need the correct new design then to proceed. It means we lost 1 day in this way. Though client said we can extend 1 day for production, we were still trying to speed up the production. Finally, we finished it perfectly as original plan. That's say, we only took 2 days in finishing this order. Customer was also suprised and amazed.

When we review this case, it's a challenging job for us, but not impossible. At first, we asked many of our competitors. They said something like forget it, don't take this order, it's impossible etc. But for us, we never deny any customer easilly. We will strike for it as long as it has hope. Finally, it turns out we are perfect! 

Never say never, Altruism is the best self-interest!

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